View Full Version : [PC] G920 not returning to the center position in Project Cars

03-07-2017, 10:05

I have a inssue with the force feedback with the G920 in Project Cars for Windows 10. When I turn the steering wheel full in the counterclockwise direction isn't turning back to the center position, it turns to the other way. But if I only make a little turn it returns correctly to the center position. The clockwise turns work correctly.
In the project cars menu the steering wheel works fine in both directions.

I have the lastest version of Logitech Gaming Software, and the last version of the Firmware.
Wheel calibrated on joy.cpl and calibrated in Project Cars Settings.

How can I fix that?

03-07-2017, 13:43
'Full in the counterclockwise direction' probably means that you're turning the wheel beyond the maximum steering angle of the car (i.e. past the soft lock)?