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03-07-2017, 18:36
So, after days of driving, trying out different settings, and hand numbing...I have finally arrived at my settings for the PS4. I don't play this on PC I figured I'd clump all this together for us Console Peeps :cool: Enjoy and Drive well!


My PS4 SPECIFIC Settings :)

Special thanks to GTSimms for the great Advanced Settings, which I used to arrive at these!
Special thanks to Olijke Poffer for testing my settings and giving me great feedback on it!

Before changing anything:
- Calibrate your wheel to 900
- Start by plugging in "Global Settings” (found here - http://pcars.oscarolim.pt/wheel-settings/global-settings)

*Now pick your favorite track and go for a couple of "baseline runs” to get a feel for the wheel.

My Settings:

"Force Feedback Calibration” page

Tire Force 77
pwm (-0.01)
pwms 0.02
WPS 0.03

DRR 0.17
DRF 0.03

LS 0.00
LST 1.00
LDM 1.00

RAG 1.54
RAB 0.10
RAC 0.95

SCK 0.61
SCR 0.46

SCH 0.00
SCF 0.00

MSS 0.40
LSC 0.88
LSS 0.95
SG 0.52


“Controls-Configuration” page

SD 0
SS 50
TD 0
TS 50
BD 0
BS 35
no clutch usage

SS 0
DS 0

F FeedBack 100
RPM yes

A on
SSD on
VWF on
OLH off


IMPT: DO NOT FORGET to edit the setups for your car of choice, for each track. The info for all adjustments can be found here - http://pcars.oscarolim.pt/cars/14410.

**** I use the “Classic" configuration from the dropdown menu & the latest version.****

On the PS4 this needs to be done for each car, on each track, EVERY TIME you select something new. You WILL NOT get all the benefits of the settings above if these parameters are not set properly!!!!

These settings are as close to how I feel when I am racing on the track on track days. Visceral enough but not overpowering at all. And you feel all the bumps and kerbs properly. I used to have issues with high speed/max speed handling (too wavy/twitchy) - not anymore. Force Feedback is just right when slowing down for turns and doing exits. Oversteer corrections are pretty accurate as well. I also tested for proper feedback on long sweeper-curves to make sure the resistance was smooth and to my liking.

By the time I create a new post for this I will have already adjusted settings for minimal to no clipping
(thanks to GTSIMMS & Olijke Poffer!)

Tracks I used for testing:
- Circuit des 24 Heures Le Mans
- Spa Francorchamps GP
- Imola

Cars I used:
- Formula A
- Audi TDI LMP1
- Toyota Hybrid LMP1
- Ruf Carrera GT3

I hope you all enjoy these settings and let me know what you think!