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05-07-2017, 14:37
I read that this supplement was made free.
But the game does not have these stickers.
Purchased all dlc (except logitech livery pack)

The first game has not been completed so far, and already almost finished 2)

05-07-2017, 14:43
Are you saying you don't see them in-game or you don't see the DLC added to your Steam account (or both)?

05-07-2017, 14:56
This dlc was removed from the steam completely.
Why it was impossible to leave it, just to remove the price?

In the Windows store, this add-on is present
In the PS store, it is also present.
In the Steam there is not a trace left of him

06-07-2017, 01:52
Why it was impossible to leave it, just to remove the price?

Apparently not..

What I've seen reported is that skins are in for the AI, but the player is not able to select them manually.

06-07-2017, 03:09
BTW, just to verify, check the Zonda R to verify you don't see the Logitech skin:


The other cars have Logitech logos on them IIRC, but not as large as the Zonda and the main sponsors are the follow two:


06-07-2017, 03:20
Zonda R times 5 scrolled from start to finish, there is no such sticker.

Some players write that they can choose them and they did not buy them.

Wrote in technical support of Steam they said they wrote in support of Project CARS, they allegedly removed it.

I can not insert a picture because of the small number of messages.

I had to look for and buy this addition on third-party trade outlets.
I bought for 5,22 €, now the game has these stickers.