View Full Version : Thrustmaster tmx bumpers (RB/LB) not working

12-07-2017, 00:12
My triggers dont work for project cars, when i go to shift nothing happens, now if i hook up my controller then they work fine shifting. I can't even get to the controls and settings with the wheel to be able to change it, Please help!!

20-07-2017, 23:29
Can you use the RB/LB buttons in the center of the wheel or are thay doing the same as the gear flippers?
have you done a usb reset try turn off console and unplug, keep wheel connected then start up

also have you connected it to you pc to download any new updates if not try this, download driver pack then the update

also try;
try turning all off, unplug peddles from wheel and usb from console, then 1st plug peddles in, then power plug for wheel, power up console and wheel usb last into console

02-10-2017, 06:22
RB/LB buttons in the center of the wheel do the same as the gear flippers.