helder guerra
17-07-2017, 20:02

I would very much like that the projetc cars put an option to customize the chase cam, like GRAN TURISMO SPORT did recently with their game. I found it very cool for those users who use this camera, to have a game really to their liking.


Trippul G
17-07-2017, 20:18
Not just chase cam, but all camera views should come with the ability to be slightly readjusted.

If cockpit cam can do it, then so should all the other views.

helder guerra
17-07-2017, 21:50
This was something I liked when playing on the pc until some time ago. Games like rFactor, Raceroom Racing Experience I was able to edit all the cameras, from the cockpit to chase cam like offset, rotation ratting and other characteristics through the files of the game, by windows explorer in the folders of the game.

But in the video game, customization of anything is always a barrier, project cars could change a bit of that, because in PC1 the customization was very limited, basically the distance from the car to the camera, in the chase cam.