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18-07-2017, 08:02
I've put all the in-game car spec data from SteelJockey's car video in a Google Sheet like I always do with my racing games. :) I find this data very helpful for myself to (theoretically) compare cars, see what major differences are between cars within a car class, use filters on the list to find cars with specific properties or just help me decide which cars I want to drive/race next.

I added some extra info as well (like the date a car was added to a game, DLC pack info) and some calculated values like the power to weight ratio (or metric values like km/h and kg).

The link can be found below. I also made my old PCARS 1 list public and for completion's sake added it as well. My Assetto Corsa list is added as well if anyone is interested (esp the car classes there are handy since that's not even listed in-game and required racing each car against the AI to figure out... :confused:).

PCARS 1 : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FZsbSUYE5aRcLFD6Zh6Xi1Eso7_cN2Hl1BjYVqPByjs/edit?usp=sharing
PCARS 2 : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y4zEWH3M6BWUhTt7S5KhTeNbrk3_8eRhx3p_qksy1wc/edit?usp=sharing
Assetto : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BTdddk0u9OO_Zmgy3mTvGuEA5YDJ1BcCKU7yHU__82s/edit?usp=sharing

One HUGE disclaimer though for the PCARS 2 list, it's obvious that the data shown in SteelJockey's video is not always entirely correct yet (hence also the WIP warning in his video) and I honestly think getting this data correct is on one of SMS's last todo lists since it's just static in-game info that can be quickly fixed with a day one patch. However, while filling in the cars in the list I did notice a few things :

1) Some cars have some obvious errors in their power or weight, I sorted the list on the calculated power-to-weight ratio and the oddballs on the list are easily noticable that way. I'm sure SMS will fix those values by the time the game is out.
2) The in-game icon for the drivetrain indication is a bit weird resulting in every car always looking like a midengine car hence why they are all MR, M4 or even MF. :) I hope this is a placeholder icon and the final one will be properly able to show the engine placement: F, M or R.
3) What I also found a bit odd is that the 3 LMP2 Ligier cars (Ligier Nissan, Ligier Judd and Ligier Honda) are listed under the Ligier car brand, hence using the chassis manufacturer. However for the 2 pairs of Indycars (Dallara Honda and Dallara Chevrolet) they are listed under Honda and Chevrolet, hence using the engine manufacturer. Feels a bit inconsistent and unless this was done this way for licensing reasons I'd rather see the Indycars under the Dallara car brand (also chassis manufacturer like with LMP2).

I'll leave this list as it is for now, the raw data is there so I can quickly update it once the game is released. From september on I will keep it up to date as well including all future expansion DLC. Will add it to my signature as well then, just not now in its WIP status.

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