View Full Version : Please help before son throws PS4 out the window!! Wheel wont sync!

18-07-2017, 09:53
Hi guys hope you can help

we just bought our son a PS4 which came with the RWA wheel setup.

We turned on F1 2016 and plugged the pedals into the back of the wheel. And the wheel USB into the front of the PS4.

When we go to game settings it only has dual shock controller to chose from.

The only button that works on the game via the wheel is the PS button. Pressing this allows us to go to the blue main PS4 menu and scroll around using ther wheel. As soon as you press PS button again it goes back to the game and the wheel does nothing.

What are we doing wrong please?!?!

Roger Prynne
18-07-2017, 10:34

03-08-2017, 16:06
Had the same issue with mine, All I did was restart the game after everything was hookup and it was fine. Took a min for the game to reconcile the wheel.