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22-07-2017, 16:20
SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard, obviously compatible with PCars
You can compose your very own dash !


You can find an amazing dash pack made by the Dash Studio Addict @David Meek here :

Supported games are :

Assetto Corsa
Codemasters games (Dirt 4, Dirt 2,Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, F1 20XX)
Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck simultator
Rfactor1 *
Automobilista (using Rfactor1 plugin)
Rfactor2 *
GTR1 *
GT Legends *
GTR2 / Race*
Race07 *
Trackmania *
War thunder *

* Some games have missing data and does not provide full SimHub features.
I do not give support for non legit game copies.

It's living here : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simhub-diy-sim-racing-dash.10252/

Help and support
A discord server has been opened with the great help of @BuToNz, do not hesitate to come say hello, If you want advices on SimHub, arduino, dashstudio, perfs, troubleshoot ... tips and more, that's where you should go ;)

Documentation and bug tracker

Some demo videos






A playlist of user videos of SimHub in action : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGpxzBy8qCmweuY60-gg_iHoIXKT0CnlA

Choose your flavour !

Arduino flavour

Up to 6 Simple 8 * 7 segments modules
Up to 6 TM1638 module : 8 * 7 segments modules and leds (TM1638)
Rgb Leds
Led matrix gear indicator
7 segment dedicted gear indicator
LCD Support
Nextion LCD touchscreen
And growing !

On screen flavour
With the dash studio plugin build your, own on screen display with a wysywg editor, attach an additional screen and get the exact dash of your dreams !
Keep in touch ... mobile version of dash studio is coming !

Nextion flavour
Ideal for DIY wheel , embed a cheap (but powerful) screen !

Simhub is customisable ! Most of the behaviours and displays can be customized using GUI.

What ? You did not found what you where looking for ?

Still lot of possibilities !

Maybe it's already available ! Ask for support I'll be happy to answer you !
You can create new data using simple furmula engine, maybe you were just missing tires temp in Fahrenheit ... You can add it by yourself !

Still not enough ?
A C# Plugin SDK is available for extensibility. SimHub gives you game data, use it for what you want ! Starting your coffee machine when you're going through your 15th lap should be possible !
Although I think that it's already possible in some ways :D

Want to go fast and have a nice dash ?
Maybe you could 3d print it ! Go to my thingiverse page, you could find what you're looking for http://www.thingiverse.com/Wotever/designs

23-07-2017, 11:28
I have used many Dash Software and this is by far one of the best the design software is amazing unlimited possibilitys , the support from Wotever and others at discord is great they go out of there way to help u create your perfect dash :)
U dont no what ur missing