View Full Version : Support for Windows Mixed Reality headset?

24-07-2017, 16:41
Other with Vive and Oculus, Microsoft store is providing windows VR headset from Acer and HP for developers. The headset looks budget friendly with slightly better resolution.

Are SMS developers going to experiment on that front as well? Is PC2 going to support them at a later stage?

04-10-2017, 21:58
it would be great if there was support for the mixed reality headsets. i would like to buy the Samsung headset but i want to know if at some point project cars will support it. As you say, the graphics should be better then the rift or vive.

05-10-2017, 11:06
won't they just use steam vr like the vive?

05-10-2017, 13:33
I'm waiting for Samsung headset as well, hope it will be supported.