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24-07-2017, 16:50
Hello everyone,

So I know I am late to say the least, since Project Cars 2 is now around the corner, but I thought I would share with you my "findings" regarding Project Cars' FFB settings, specifically on PC, with a T500RS wheel. I have only recently started playing with the game, hence the (very) late post.

I struggled a lot to find a "complete" guide to FFB settings: one that would combine general settings of the wheel under windows(control panel), general settings in the game and specific settings for each car, and make them all work together, but I couldn't find any.

So I had to combine several guides and spend something like 20+ hours just testing the cars and tweaking the abovementionned settings until I found a compromise that, IMO, works well with almost any car and finally brings PC's physics engine to life (what a blast!).

These may not suit everyone and especially those who like their FFB to be strong above anything else.

My aim has been to reproduce as accurately as possible the feeling "at the wheel" of the road surface and behavior of the car, based on my personal driving experience of different types of cars (FWD/RWD/AWD, light/heavy weight, long/short wheelbase...), the other sims I have played (GTR, GTL, Gran Turismo...), and the thousands of hours watching and reading cars reviews lol.

With that in mind, I think that a realistic FFB should as follows: not "the stronger the better", but rather "as communicative and close to the real thing as possible, the better".

For example, I can now clearly differentiate between a car that has power steering and one that hasn't, feel over/understeering soon enough and be able to prevent or control it, "tell" if the engine is positionned at the front, the middle or the rear of the car (the "backpack" effect on RUF cars for instance), etc.

Credits to the original authors of the various settings tutorials I found on the Internet and based my tweakings on. I apologize for not mentioning their names, since it's been a few weeks since I finished this and don't remember who has published what. If any of you guys recognize their work in what follows, feel free to claim ownership of it.

One thing that I found to have a great impact on the realism is the Arm angle. Setting it to 1200 for all cars, as seen in one of the tutorials impairs, IMO, the handling of the cars, since their respective chassis have been engineered, in real life, in relation to a particular Arm angle, making the whole setup homogeneous. Same goes for the FFB strength: too strong a FFB setting on a modern road car would be like putting a manual steering on a power steering equipped car. It might feel better to some drivers, but I bet even them would like, in real life, to know how the car actually feels like in stock configuration before modifying it to suit their preferences.

The only thing I need to change for some cars is the Master scale (eg. Zonda's), as the FFB for some of them seem to have been "toned down" by SMS.

So there you go, I hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I hope it won't be necessary for PC2 lol :D

Thrustmaster control panel:
- Rotation angle: 900
- Overall strength of all forces: 65%
- Detailed gain settings: constant 100% / Periodic 100% / Spring 0% / Damper 0%
- Auto center: by the game

Controls -> Control scheme
- Stearing deadzone : 0
- Steering sensitivity: 65
- Throttle deadzone: 5
- Throttle sensitivity: 50
- Brake deadzone: 5
- Brake sensitivity: 40
- Clutch deadzone: 7
- Clutch sensitivity: 35
- Speed sensitivity: 10
- Control filtering sensitivity: 0
- Damper saturation: 25
- Force feedback: 60
- Control imput mode: 3
-Advanced : off

- Master scale: 10-20 depending on the car
- Fx scale: 54.00
- Fy scale: 54.00
- Fz scale: 60.00
- Mz scale: 90.01
- Fx smoothing: 10.0
- Fy smoothing: 10.0
- Fz smoothing: 10.0
- Mz smoothing: 10.0
- Arm angle: leave as is.

Body & Sop
- Body scale: 0.01
- Body longitudinal scale: 10.00
- Body stiffness: 100.01
- Body damping: 100.01
- Sop scale: 100.0
- Sop lateral scale: 70.0
- Sop differential scale: 100.0
- Sop damping: 10.0

25-07-2017, 22:56
Welcome to the forum, and great first post. I don't have T500RS, but sure others with the same wheel will appreciate.:)

26-07-2017, 08:13
Thanks BullWinkle! It's not a universal solution but I hope it will be useful to some members at least.

05-12-2017, 20:52
Hi, thanks for sharing your data with us. I have a question, where should I enter the values?