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25-07-2017, 16:05
Hey Guys, I got a quick question on career mode. I have all the DLC so I was wondering if the new cars are going to be in the seasons? Say the Cadillac or Corvette in Gt3? I would love to drive with and against these cars as well.

25-07-2017, 17:23
i remember an old post saying new content is included in the calendar events.
but possibly only in the US GT for your 2 mentioned motors? my guess is that you'd have to choose contracts to suit the continent. The cars they offer is usually the only clue from what i see, or just luck :)
i didn't choose mustang in my latest offers, i think i took bmw or toyota/scion gt4.. i forget now.. but i still ended up in the us gt league.. if i remember i will keep an eye out & let you know, my season hasnt begun yet, just some warm up invite races so far.. but you cant choose what car you drive for your season, its a team so you get given one. I think its just pot luck what contracts you are offered.. You can try some tactical game exits at end of season and see if the contract offer list is renewed as a random generation.. you'd only have one window to try it but i doubt it'd work due to the games auto save only.

25-07-2017, 17:46
Thanks for the heads up.

25-07-2017, 22:49
You'll need to check the release notes. For example, it lists the contracts for the GT3 cars:


25-07-2017, 23:24
Iirc GT3, GT4 & LMP1 have contracts in the GT4/GT3/LMP1 tiers but not in endurance. DTM & GT1 don't have any events for them in career. All other DLC cars/tracks have invitationals for them.