View Full Version : PS4 Bluetooth button box

04-08-2017, 22:44
I've just bought a new rig and like to add a button box.

Wires wires wires I fecking hate them.

Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth button box you can use on PS4 ? I'd rather have something with real switches just like a USB cable one.

I'm guessing not or if there is it's silly money to buy. Anyone spread any light on this please

06-08-2017, 09:54
Here you go.


I used to have one for PS4 (only), now one for PC (only).
They have models for both platforms too.
Great quality (better than some other well known brands), top notch buttons, switches and rotary dials, some boxes come with led lights etc...
Rem(igius), who makes them is a great guy, very helpful.

Edit: I just noticed you were talking about a BT button box, can 't help you there, but I have seen some apps that can turn a tablet into a BB. Maybe that would be a fitting somultion for you ?
On the other hand, you could use a external powered USB hub (which is what I used when I was on PS4), because all (most) BT devices seem to cause problems/issues/interference, which is not what you want in sim racing.