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11-08-2017, 14:26
Does anyone know when there will be a supported wheel list for PC2, thanks.......

11-08-2017, 14:45

12-08-2017, 13:25
Thank you sir........

13-08-2017, 03:25
Would think the Pcars1 wheels would all still work on Pcars2, also some Thrustmaster wheels on there site list of supported game show Pcars2; supported now
but we will just have to see, will it show up here this list or the main site...

13-08-2017, 10:32
Would think the Pcars1 wheels would all still work on Pcars2

Definitely not as the older Fanatec-Wheels, which worked for Pcars1 are ruled out by Sony. The only working Fanatec-Wheel for PS4 is the new CSL-Elite-Base. I don't know how this is handled on the Xbox though.

With the utmost probability the PS4 and X-Box-licensed Wheels will work. For PS4 these are:

Thrustmaster T80 (PS4-licensed)
Thrustmaster T150 (PS4-licensed)
Thrustmaster T300 (PS4-licensed)
Thrustmaster T-GT (Ps4-licensed)

Fanatec CSL Elite (PS4 licensed)

Logitech G29 (PS4 licensed)

Questions for support remain for the T500 and the Logitech G27, which are only 'PS3-licensed'.

For the T500; Thrustmaster lists Project Cars 2 as a supported game on their Homepage. So there is a high chance that it'll work.

I couldn't find Infos for the G27 so far.

Also i haven't looked up Infos about Xbox-One supported Wheels. But you can find out over the homepage of the hardware-manufacturer.

Furthermore we already have a thread on Wheel-support here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?50709-Project-Cars-2-Supported-Wheels-(PS4)-(Especially-Question-on-T500rs)

13-08-2017, 10:55
I think OP is on PC?

13-08-2017, 12:58
Yes PC and I have the TS-PC wheel

13-08-2017, 22:35
Is there any word yet for "Older Fanatec wheels" for PC

My old GT2 is still in great condition, and can't afford to upgrade. So its a game changer for me. I realise most comments above are regarding console's.

the reason for asking, I was about to upgrade my GPU for the sole purpose of playing PC2, there's a pretty good deals atm, in a shop for a 1060.


14-08-2017, 01:49
RU486, I don't believe there will be too many issues on the PC with hardware support. Essentially, I would imagine if it is/was a popular wheel and the manufacturer still has working drivers for it (on a supported OS), should be ok.

14-08-2017, 21:38
ty Mahjik for ur reply

drivers are still available, and i gota admit this wheel feels of much better with PC1 (when setup correctly) and on PC rather than the old xbox360.


18-09-2017, 21:41
sorry Mahjik to point the finger, but any news year as to the supported wheels, supported by the manufacture with drivers, rather than possible custom support.

I ve had a quick browse around but unable to find anything solid on this yet. id like to get my pre order in but need to know if the GT2 Fanatec is going to be supported by fanatec for PC2



19-09-2017, 02:50
Unfortunately, no new news that I have seen for an official list. It will likely appear on the official web page similar to PC1 when it is made available.

20-09-2017, 02:15
Cheers for the update,

Or should I say cheers for the reply, lol


20-09-2017, 14:36
Hoping the T100 is supported as it was in PC1. Can't justify splurging and getting a new wheel just yet.

20-09-2017, 18:14
T100 not supported, sorry.....

Edit: just seen you're on PC, it's not supported on the PS4, assume it's OK on PC.

20-09-2017, 18:35
T100 not supported, sorry.....

Edit: just seen you're on PC, it's not supported on the PS4, assume it's OK on PC.

Sorry, I meant to clarify for the PC. Fingers crossed...


20-09-2017, 19:57
We got confirmation that an official wheel support list is in the works and will be available at the official website (https://www.projectcarsgame.com) very soon.

21-09-2017, 22:58
Unfortunately it looks like the T100 isn't supported on PC. Can't get the game to recognize the wheel...

Only way I could get it to work on PC1 was to launch PC1 with a non-Steam version.

22-09-2017, 05:41
The list is up at the official website (https://www.projectcarsgame.com)!