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13-08-2017, 18:43
Motorsport games have always been a part of my life from a young age, my past favorite being TOCA racing on the old PS1. That coupled with Go-Karting for a number of years as a youth really helped me develop an understanding of racecraft and general etiquette while on the track.

I had a break from Pcars for the best part of a year now and recently picked up the PS4 and a cheap Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedal set.
My first race back was in the GT3 McLaren at Monza in an online public lobby.
It was like the old destruction derby game on PS1!!

I complained like everyone does and got a bit brassed off and annoyed etc.....

After thinking about the experience i came to the conclusion that i was the problem! I was not anticipating the actions of those around me. It was me.
I changed the way i raced and placed a huge emphasis on anticipating incidents and what do you know, my results have started to improve massively.

The idiots spin or crash within the first few laps, and if you can anticipate and slow your speed while this happens then you will find yourself right up with the lead pack. My in game experience has gone from a negative to a positive just by looking ahead and slowing down.

This has also made me look at how i attack the circuit. I am now faster than i ever have been on any sim just by using the saying "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast" its so true!!

So to those who complain about trolls or public lobbies... take a good look at yourself and change your style. It might just make you faster and more consistent!!


13-08-2017, 19:02
Good viewpoint mate...
As the saying goes: "before you judge anyone,first take a look at yourself..." :cool:

13-08-2017, 22:16
Safe is fast (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28168-Develop-Your-Skills-Safe-is-Fast) you say?

14-08-2017, 01:30
Yep, you'll find a lot of fast "drivers" out there but they are terrible "racers". They can click off one or two fast laps, but they have more bad laps than good ones so you just have to be patient. Lap 1 Turn 1 is where public races (even in iRacing) get nasty. Usually if you can survive that, you'll have a decent race. ;)

14-08-2017, 02:34
Lap 1 is nasty even in Formula 1!

14-08-2017, 14:32
It's still a s$it show though. I try to slow down for T1 a bit early, stay tight and hit the gas hard on the way out but still no guarantees of avoiding the clumsy or the torpedoes. This is a big problem at T1 chicanes, like monza cos if you are nudged through the corner you cop a 5 or 10 second penalty and your race is done.

I try to set up races that are not GT3 and on oddball tracks to avoid the morons but no one joins me, ever. Last night I set Up a GT4 race at Oulton Park and i was alone for 15 minutes so bailed.

14-08-2017, 14:46
It'll always be a shit show.

I'll usually avoid Monza for the T1 mayhem. Or if I'm cherry-picking a win I'll just try to qualify at the back of the pack and dodge my way through the minefield.
Unless you get an awesome launch in a TS040 and shoot ahead.

Oddball tracks where the lobby is empty I'll just use it to tune and practice. People tend to stick to common combos.

14-08-2017, 15:55
They do but getting tired of GT3 at Hockenheim, Nurburgring and Monza. People's obsession with Monza puzzles me.

14-08-2017, 20:55
There are some great combinations.
People sticking to GT3 are really missing out.