View Full Version : Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel

19-08-2017, 02:05
I have a Thrustmaster Ferrari 485 Spider it is list as OK for Xbox one but not under OK for PC so, if I want to play Project cars on Oculus I would need to get a new controller or is there a work around thanks for any help

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19-08-2017, 04:03
It's not supported on PC. I've seen people try, but it ends up thinking it's an Xbox gamepad which is less than ideal. You can use it and probably get it working, but your experience will not be ideal.

23-08-2017, 22:23
You can get a decent way to play, by using the Xbox one "classic" (i think) default settings, and you can change the functions of the buttons, but dont try to re-map the analogic and the pedals button. I have the same wheel and this is the best configuration, since the game don't support this wheel.