View Full Version : New to VR and havng some in game issues

19-08-2017, 17:59
Just recently got a Rift and love it. Been setting up PCars following some settings as posted on here but I need help with this one problem.

No matter whether I use the keyboard or assign to my wheel or keypad, I cannot get my seating position to adjust, (UP, Down< LEFT, Right), while in VR.

What am I doing wrong or am I missing something here?

Mad Al
19-08-2017, 18:49
Make sure you have assigned a key (options -> Controls -> Edit Assignments) to Centre VR Headset

and set the VR to recentre on boot and when entering a race (options -> Virtual Reality)

That should stick your head where the drivers head should be (if you are a little out, you can adjust your physical position a bit and hit the key you asigned for Centre VR Headset)

19-08-2017, 20:02
have it figured out,silly me. I hadn't play in awhile but it's all coming back, just need to remember my key binds and change some now. Thanks.