View Full Version : how to disable "steam update" at computer boot?

26-08-2017, 23:05
Ok, just starting with new Steam version of Pcars. (BTW, love all the improvements!) I have crummy internet and only want to play offline. Have this set locally and have setting for no steam auto load on startup in my account there.

My problem is I still get the prompt saying it's updating steam when I boot up and not even online yet. Shows some steam exe's in task manager but nothing in win startup options to disable. Can't find anywhere in forum here on how to disable it taking over my comp.

I know it tries to connect me when starting the game which is okay but sure don't need steam trying to be connected all the time otherwise?

Maybe need to mess in the reg but thought I'd ask for a simple fix first. Thought of uninstalling steam but see the entire game is in it's directory so assume that would lose the 5 hr DL of the game as well..... :confused:

Thanks for any help!

(running win 7 pro)

26-08-2017, 23:39
Go into the Steam options and disable starting with Windows.

26-08-2017, 23:49
1st thing I did. Checked it again and appears to have defaulted back to enabled? Will try again, thanks!

Roger Prynne
27-08-2017, 15:53
You can also go into 'Task Manager/Start-up' and disable it there.

12-09-2018, 14:17
yes, me too, but after last steam update with new chat, after canceled option of auto-update, it again begins, have read some solution here dmarket.com/blog/steam-update, but it doesn't help