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30-08-2017, 21:45
Hi! Thsi is my first post!
Does anyone knows how many opponents you can race with in PC2 on PS4? I saw a cople of gameplays and there were only 16 cars on track, I really hope for at least 25+ cars...
Can someone confirm?
And does the AI beaviour be the same on PC and consoles?

30-08-2017, 22:52
If it's the same as PCARS 1 then the max amount of opponents is track specific and depends on the real life circuit capacity/garage space. Might be different for PCARS2 but I imagine they'll take a similar route.

Trippul G
30-08-2017, 23:59
Maximum number of human online players in any race will be 16 on console, 32 on PC. I would imagine we're then allowed to add AI competitors, up to the maximum number of cars allowed per track, similar to what we can do in PCARS1.

01-09-2017, 09:27
Thank you guys!