View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster T150, car all over the place

31-08-2017, 16:31
Hi, new member joining because of this issue I can't solve.

Using a T150 wheel and T3PA pedals - cannot get the car to drive straight at all. As soon as I take over manual control, any car starts weaving left and right like crazy and I can't stop it.
Tried calibration several times which isn't making a difference but I'm not 100% sure exactly what I'm supposed to do or how to get my wheel set to 900o rotation (or whether it is already to begin with).

This is driving me insane, I've searched plenty of sites but it's still not clear and nothing that I try is working anyway.

I'm not bothered by FFB realism or anything else, I just want to feel like I'm in control of the car. Please help.

31-08-2017, 18:19
Have you tried these settings?


31-08-2017, 19:42

Never mind, finally got it sorted out. Downloaded new drivers from Thrustmaster, reset all settings within Project CARS, and recalibrated the wheel.

Working fine now.