View Full Version : Error message since 3 moths, i write fb on company, no answer !!!!

05-09-2017, 13:59
Hello from France (sorry for my poor english)

My son buy with his money in january 2017, Project Cars because he has a xbox one in Christmas. All was perfect for 5- months. I offer him "on demand" pack and he plays many hours in this very good simulation.

But, one day, one error message "it 's not possible de save your progression, restart all ?" and again and again.

I delete all the game and re-install but nothing the same message ever. So, my son cant play carriere and stop to play this game.

Since, i write to FB and email to Slyghtymadstudio, but nothing, no aswers. It's a shame. My son is sad, it's his money and his game.

In the future, we wants to buy the number 2 but with this situation and this silence, i command Forza 7 because Microsoft answer ever when we have a problem.

So, one people of SMS can help me ??? What's the solution and how to play again in PC in xbox one ?

Thanks you so much

Pascal (gametag of my son's xbox one : tontonpalou)

05-09-2017, 16:15
Check this post and see if you have a lot of replays stored:


05-09-2017, 17:04
Also too many saved careers can cause the problem (had the same issue on PS4 until i deleted some saved careers)

06-09-2017, 09:07
What's the solution and how to play again in PC in xbox one ?

Start new career and play.

On PS4 we can backup (manually) save game/ profile data. I do that sometimes. When I get a profile/save game corrupt, I reload an old profile. Xbox should have an equivalent system?