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10-09-2017, 10:53
Bonjour à tous

j'ai project Cars, je me suis acheté le volant TS-PC Racer, mais surprise, je ne trouve pas ce volant dans la liste déjà existant du jeu.
Quelqu'un peux me donner une idée ou une soluce pour régler ce problème svp
merci par avance de votre aide


I have project cars, and i bought the TS- PC racer, but impossible to find it in the list of the game.
I will be glad if anyone can help me to solve the problem,
thank you all of you


10-09-2017, 14:25
You need to use the "Custom Wheel" profile. Then, go into "EDIT ASSIGNMENTS" to assign your steering, brake, accelerator and clutch axis. Once you have done that, "CALIBRATE" your wheel and pedals. After that, configure your FFB and enjoy.

10-09-2017, 19:20
Thank a lot for your answer Mahjik

26-09-2017, 02:05
No, my ts pc racer is well recognised, no trouble, just check the list, there is TS PC RACER !