View Full Version : Questions on World Challange

14-09-2017, 21:15
Today SMS reveled officially it's partnership with the Pirelli World Challenge, for those who don't know it's basically a North American, "sprint" version of the Blancpain GT series. Two classes GT3 and GT Cup, GT Cup being open to the manufacture backed "cup cars" that normally race in one make classes like the 488 Challenge, the 911 GT3 Cup, the Lamborghini Hurrican ST so on, and honestly it's all good news. It's nice to have another fully fledged series on board, and if they stick around for Pcars 3 they may get a fully fledged game with all the tracks they run.

Here's my questions...

In Career, will the game filter out the none WC cars when running the World Challenge tier?

What classes are used in the WC tier? (GT3, Hurricane cup, later to be added 488 cup, and I guess a coming 911 cup?)

And will the World Challenge partnership carry over to the GT4/GTS class?