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16-09-2017, 08:55
Do you think PCars2 will run with the same hardware I am using for PCars1?
Specs should be in my signature.


Mad Al
16-09-2017, 09:06

17-09-2017, 06:21
Other than the processor bump required because of LiveTrack 3.0. But I have a feeling the GTX 980 will still be fine for 1080p, even with the upcoming Coffee Lake (i7-8700K) that I'm intending to upgrade to from my Nehalem/Lynnfield i7-860 from 2010...

Neil Bateman
18-09-2017, 14:45
I have 2 GTX970 running in sli and dont really notice much of a difference.

Aldo Zampatti
18-09-2017, 16:52
If you have your settings done correctly. PCARS2 might run even better than PC1 sometimes. (YMMV).

Check this video with the hardware used in the description. 60fps (with a couple of very small dips only) with an i5 and one AMD 7970. I'm guessing that your 960 might even be faster:

(video was taken with older hardware and an older build so performance and quality WILL be better at launch!)


My GTX 970m (laptop) with a mobile i7 4th gen (very similar to a desktop i5 in performance) was much faster than this video at the same graphics level.

At launch (this weekend! woohoo!) I'll be posting my personal recommended settings for different configs/scenarios. I've tested all the configs from i5+AMD7970 all the way to a Newer/faster I7+1080ti.

22-09-2017, 16:02
Do you think it makes sense to run this game with GTX 670?