View Full Version : Will the Broadcast Tools Be Avalible In Singleplayer

17-09-2017, 04:32
There Some people who at times would Like to Watch The Ai Race and Commentate It Some times. Since the Ai Can do Some Entertaining Things at times..So I was Wondering If The Broadcasting Tools/Director Mode Avalible in Single Player for stuff like this or doing your Own Offline League..

17-09-2017, 16:40
I don't believe so.. You have your standard view controls in single player (so you can jump between AI cars) and views but the "Broadcaster" functionality isn't there.

Trippul G
18-09-2017, 00:57
Hmm, that's unfortunate. Seems like using single player replays would be a perfect way to "hone one's craft" before going live with an actual broadcast.

18-09-2017, 13:13
Yes, it is certainly a shame that. It's a great multiplayer tool though

18-09-2017, 15:38
You more or less have it in the saved replay, where you can see yourself doing odd things too in the race. It will not be 'live' as it's a finished race, but you generally know where and when what happened, and what to focus on, or what cars to keep an eye out for. And you can stream it from Shadowplay while live commenting ;)
It's a bit of a workaround.

First I giggles at your post, as I didn't really see the point of the feature, then I understood the feature and had a good laugh. Actually a fun idea