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17-09-2017, 08:53
Hi all,

Since personal leaderboards (=seeing the times from the player with all cars per track) are not possible on consoles, would it be possible to have an app on a mobile device that collects the results after each race from the game (via UDP) and locally stores this data in the app? That app would then one by one (one after each race) start populating these leaderboards as the player is doing races. I would be REALLY interested for example to see what my times are with a bunch of cars on a certain track. For example I race all 4 LMP1 cars on Le Mans, I then go to the app and I can see for the Le Mans track what my time is with the AUDI E-tron, with the TS040, with the RWD and the Marek. If I race the same 4 cars on a twitchy track like Leguna Seca the results might be in a different order and the car that is strongest on Le Mans might not be the strongest on Laguna Seca.

Such info would be of great value to me as it allows me to compare all the cars with each other on all the tracks for my own racing experience. I have no real interest to compare my times with other players online. It can be valuable as well for tuning cars or would just give tremendeous replay value for singleplayer racing.

My topic has been written a bit more in-depth in the following forum thread from the PCARS2 section :


I hope something like this could be created or integrated in an existing app.

17-09-2017, 13:57
I think VRHive already does something like this, but if that's not what you're looking for, I can tell you it's definitely possible. It's just a matter of crunching the data.

What will be interesting is the new packet formats in PCARS2. I'm eager to see if more setup data is included, which would really add another dimension to your data collection.