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19-09-2017, 00:48

Angels of Death (http://clanaod.net) is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork and community. AOD was formed over 16 years ago and now has over 3100 active members across 15+ various titles and have a rapidly growing community in Project Cars 2!

We're recruiting competitive and casual racers alike with the idea of creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a long time Sim Racer or brand new to the genre you'll find AOD is a great place to come and game with like minded people. We at AOD are extremely excited for the launch of Pcars 2 and will be diving heavily into it with many multiple leagues. Our racing team is also very active in iRacing.

What to expect from AOD:

Clean and Competitive Racing
Voice Chat Provided (400 man Teamspeak)
Friendly members. New to the game, need help? Just ask.
Drama-free, game play oriented environment
Fair play; zero tolerance for cheaters/smashers
Active Forums
Formal and informal organized events.
In-House Leagues

Requirements to join AOD

Be 16 years of age or older
A working microphone
Teamspeak 3
PC Only (Sorry Console Players)

If you're interested and want to join then please head to www.clanaod.net/divisions/aod-racing/ and apply today (https://www.clanaod.net/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=46)!

24-09-2017, 02:44
Update: Been hosting open lobby races all day, along with our own private sessions. Come join us or apply to participate in our coming leagues!