View Full Version : ASRL recruiting new drivers (fast and slow) to Project Cars 2 league. IMSA style.

19-09-2017, 02:32
Welcome to ASRL (American Sim Racing League). My name is RazMaTaz87 and I’m currently recruiting for my Project Cars 2 league. I will have testing and practice every Sunday and Wednesday after the game releases. The season will start on October 22, 2017 with a short Porsche 911 Cup Series to help judge everyone’s speed, after that starting on December 10, 2017, we will be running a SportsCar Championship similar to IMSA with 3 classes. The LMP2, GTLM/GTE and GT3. Your speed will not matter. We are looking for fast and slow drivers. The fast drivers will help the slow drivers and we have all types of speed in our league. The fastest drivers will be in LMP2 then mid pack drivers in GTLM/GTE and the slowest in GT3. I’m looking for drivers that want to race every (or most) weeks. I do not care about speed at all. If you show up all the time you will have a seat. We currently have 25 drivers in the league with 10 to 12 racing every week. I’m looking for 4 to 6 new drivers to help fill in the field. The only requirements are as follows: 1. The league is currently only on Xbox One. 2. You must be over 18. 3. You must have a headset and a discord account. 4. You must speak English. If you are interested send me a message on Xbox Live or Discord. Thanks guys I hope to meet a bunch of new drivers.

We race on Sunday Nights. Start time depends on race length. longer race will start around 5 PM Eastern. Shorter races at 6 PM Eastern. The race lengths will vary from 2 hours and 30 minutes to only 1 hour. Real driver assists will be turned on which is why all slower drivers will be in the GT3 class. (GT3 cars have assists on) Weather settings will be tested and hasn't been decided on yet.
Xbox Live Gamertag: RazMaTaz87
Xbox Live Club: American Sim Racing League
Discord: https://discord.gg/UNMjTb5

19-09-2017, 02:35
Just asking, why are you using discord vs the Xbox party?

19-09-2017, 03:07
We have the teams in Xbox Live party chat. Xbox live party sucks when you have 16 people in it. So discord is used for the director so everyone can hear them but party chat for the teams.

19-09-2017, 05:25
What time and days are you racing normally

19-09-2017, 13:29
thanks for telling me, I completely forgot to include it. The races are on Sunday night with most races starting at 6 PM Eastern. Longer races will start at 5 PM Eastern.