View Full Version : PlayStation Store VR problem and crap G29 feedback

21-09-2017, 20:06
Jumped on this morning to have a crack at PC2 I downloaded from the PlayStation store, fired up my VR and nothing! No settings and couldn't get it to work.... Back to the screen.

Also, I'm using a G29 and the feedback is shit! Played with the settings and it's still shit...

I've deleted the game and reloading it, hopefully I'll get the VR feature.

Not happy, I was so excited to play this game. I was confident after all the hype the would have had it sorted.

Siberian Tiger
21-09-2017, 20:09
Hmm, try it better...

Constructive Critic is Welcome, calling all things Shit isn't! Please don't write like this.

It's clearly stated on the Projectarsgame.com Page that PSVR is NOT supported... (By now at least)

So take this as a first Warning! We are happy to help you, but only if you write youre Critic normally...

Many Users during WMD were more than happy with the FFB on pCars2 on there G29.

21-09-2017, 20:21
Sorry about that, I'm having a coffee now so I'm feeling a bit better.

The game play is excellent I have to say but the feedback on my G29 is below average. The wheel feels inconsistent and lumpy, I played with the settings for over an hour and couldn't find a comfortable medium.

Siberian Tiger
21-09-2017, 20:24
Best is to start again with Defaults...

Informative is Detailed, but can be with less weight on the Wheels (You can up the FFB Volume if you like)
Immersive is the Way to go if you would like to have many FFB Effects.
RAW isn't a Thing for the G29 without tweaking ;)

Also Car and Track are playing a big Role on this...

Try a Touring Car on the Nordschleife as an example, you should get plenty of Feedback...

21-09-2017, 20:30
OK I'll try it I was expecting a consistent experience.

Siberian Tiger
21-09-2017, 20:33
You wouldn't find that either in Real Life ;)

Different Geometry of Suspension and/or Steeringrack, or even Tires...

Please give it a bit Time and try ;)

Titzon Toast
22-09-2017, 01:25
Try immersive @ 80% Gain and see if that helps OP.