View Full Version : Field of view and speed sensitivity settings

21-09-2017, 21:59
Has anyone got a decent camera set up sorted yet I've messed with the default settings increasing the cockpit angle and decreasing the speed sensitivity but seem to be missing half the windscreen

Roger Prynne
21-09-2017, 22:13
What part of the windscreen are you missing?

21-09-2017, 22:31
Not so much the windscreen missing but the other side to the steering wheel seems to be smaller then compared to the last game and i seem to be misjudging how wide the car is sometimes due to the wing mirror not being visible.

I'd like to find what other people have there's at as I like to see as much of the track ahead whilst still being able to judge tight corners and finding the apex.

I think I had tried the angles at 70/80/90 and the speed sensitivity starting at 40