View Full Version : [MUST READ] How to report a problem or ask for assistance

22-09-2017, 02:49
If you need to report a problem or ask for assistance, start with the following:

List your system specifications
List your running software, anti-virus, overlays, game trackers, etc..
If it's something graphical, provide a screenshot or video demonstrating the issue.
If you have steps to reproduce the issue, list those in chronological order to reproduce the issue

In short, the more information you provide in the beginning, the quicker member can assist.

28-09-2017, 02:32
If you want to report an issue, use the following steps:

Make sure you have updated your platform on your forum profile to reflect the game platform you are using.
Search the forum using keywords for your issue. Verify there isn't a thread already started for your issue.
If there is another thread, add your situation to the thread as more details always helps SMS diagnose issues.
If there isn't a thread started, create one using a useful and descriptive title. Then add as much detail to the issue as you can in the body of the message, including screenshots, video or repo steps to help SMS and the staff understand the issue.
Lastly, one issue per thread.