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22-09-2017, 07:40
Ok, so waited up last night waiting for the clock to tick past midnight so I could have a quick bash at pcar2. My first impressions are as follows.

For me it looks good and the menus seem slick.

Some things are missing or more to the point may be is that I could find things. For example each cars force feedback turning, all I could really find was in the main options, the one with the three choices. In PCars1 there was a basic setup that I used to set all my cars too. I will though not complain too much as I used the "Raw" setting and this seemed to easily be a match for my own in the prev game. For me I got good feeling from the wheel (Thrustmaster T300RS), it was good enough that I feel the backend slipping and was able to correct, in fact I found being able to correct slides much better than PCars1.

When I tried to adjust the TV settings, I got the picture of the test card with the two screen size settings. It seemed that for whatever screen format you have you should widen or decrease the view. Well either way nothing I tried worked, no buttons on the wheel (including turning the wheel) done anything. In the real world though the auto calibration seemed to do it job.

In a free practice or whatever it is called. My wheel flipped out!!! Just kept spining 90 degrees one way and then 90 degrees the other way, cant think what I had done, but it sorted it out when I "Returned to the pits" and it has not happened since.

Noticed that the racing line has a mind of its own, I have it set to on, now sometimes it is fine for all corners but for example on the next lap sometimes corners are "forgotton" about, I will say this was more evident if I had a spill at the corner before.

Replays, some of the long panning shots did a good job of capturing the scenery and not the cars (did anyone see the F1 this or last year where Alsonso whilst I assuming had broken down, asked one of the camera men to have a go on the camera, it was like that). Also the long range shots the visuals werent great, this is not an issue though as I dont replay that much.

Sonoma raceway, GP layout I think I was playing, the race controller was a proper track limit nazi. The double 90 degree right hander (almost a hair pin) after the short straight that leads from the downhill left. Dam, I think I had one back wheel on the line in a little slide on the outside and bang time disallowed, in fact I think also the first corner at the top of the hill was also like this... Oh well was on practice again and I suppose it teaches me to be a little sharper.

I couldnt find where to set comptitor levels and % race distance in career mode! I prolly just have to look harder

Sound, initially I was not convinced, but then I realised I was not racing in my normal view (cockpit with lid). Wow, the sound is much better that PCars1, the LMP2 was epic :-), I will say thought the formula A car didnt sound great.

Control I found really good out of the box, ok I missed the first corner on my first go, but that was a cold tire issue, they seem real sensitive when cold, but thats fine with me, its consitent in this respect so you can drive round it.

I started a career, forumla rookie, first race Knockhill, got that in my pocket :-)

So that was all really I had time for on my first outing :-).....

Oh no wait, rally cross, awsome, loved it, just practice again, but what a blast, proper backend out action, this was the part of the game I really wanted to see and I must say it did not dissapoint :-)

Have fun people


Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 07:43
Glad you like it. To your Problems:

Race-Line: I know that there where further enhancements done on this Subject. But i don't know in which Patch those will be. But it's beeing worked on ;)
In Career you can select AI Level aswell as Race Distant directly before you enter the Championsship/Race.

22-09-2017, 08:05
It's going to be great but I've encountered a few bugs . Where's the best place to report bugs ????

22-09-2017, 08:05
Ah, thanks for that, I shall have another look when I get home..... I feel a short day at work today ;-)

22-09-2017, 08:11
I had the same issue, not being able to find the AI settings, I also can't seem to find how to turn the steering wheel off in the interior view.

Apart from that, and the fact the setup saving system is still baffleingly bad, it's a vast improvement on PC1

Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 08:14
It's going to be great but I've encountered a few bugs . Where's the best place to report bugs ????

Directly here in the Forum.. Please search before making a new thread if this "Bug" is allready somewhere posted...

22-09-2017, 08:46
First thoughts? Sadly it's an unplayable mess for me. :(

Whatever they've done to the ffb it's ruined the entire experience and whatever I try I cannot get the ffb to communicate what the car is doing. This has a double- whammy effect of making the new tyre model redundant. Without meaningful ffb I have no idea what the tyres are doing so more forgiving progressive traction is actually working out to be a snappy horrible mess. :(

All other points are irrelevant to me. This is unplayable.

I did notice a few other things in my 2 hours of bubble bursting horror.

The graphics do seem a lot cleaner and an improvement but the shadows seem really "sharp" and they flicker? I wasn't aware they have completely reprogrammed the graphics model but they obviously have.

The sound is feeble! I was switching between pcars 1 and 2 to try and understand the weak ffb using the IndyCar and the IndyCar in PCARS 2 is like a fly trapped in a bottle - "zzzz zz". It's pathetic. Without adjusting the volume on the tv the pcars 1 IndyCar was twice as loud and sounded much more like the real thing.

During my many offs trying to get the ffb to... work... I collected many roadside objects. These are really glitchy. I managed to carry a post through half a lap on my head all the while it was flickering and reflecting the car? There's loads of glitches like this.

Hands and wheel no longer move when pulling out of the outbox.

I feel like I've wasted my money so far. And I have no idea where all these pre-release reviews, play tests and live streams are coming from? Surely they must've encountered some of these issues?