View Full Version : How do I disable Mouse locked to HMD center(VR)

22-09-2017, 08:21
As the the title says, i'm having issues whith this setting, and would like to disable it as i'm unable to alt/tab out of the game a do other work as the mouse keeps getting captured by the game and put in center of my HMD so other programs are unable to recive input.
I hope there is a way to disable this.

22-09-2017, 09:14
I found a method to disable it via documents/project cars 2/openvrsettings.xml

<prop name="PointerSwitchTime" data="10" />
<prop name="PointerSwitchShortTime" data="3" />


<prop name="PointerSwitchTime" data="1000000" />
<prop name="PointerSwitchShortTime" data="1000000" />

This seems to fix the issue