View Full Version : [ Resolved ] Logitech DFGT wheel and G25 pedals not working

22-09-2017, 10:54
I have Logitech DFGT wheel and G25 pedals (pedals connected with Bodnar BU0836X interface.)
I have tried to setup with custom wheelsetup with no luck.
When i try assign steering and pedals the movements are not detected.
If i select the DFGT template, the wheel is ok, but not pedals.
This wheel and pedals combo working fine in every other game i play, PC1, AC, Iracing etc.
So this is not problem with my wheel software/drivers, problem is with PC2?
Please help, i have fight with this problem 6h without success....
I have Win10 64.

Morgan Henstridge
22-09-2017, 10:56
Have you selected the wheel, and then gone into "Edit Assignments" and then mapped the pedals??

Also try Steam -> Settings-> Controller -> General Controller Settings -> untick all the options

22-09-2017, 16:18
When i ticked "Report Combined Pedals" in Logitech Profiler, Global Device Settings, i was able to assign my wheel and pedals in custom wheel settings. I did not have to do it before in any games i have played.
But now everything is ok and i can start enjoying this game :-)