View Full Version : Invite to the private session

22-09-2017, 11:59
Hey Guys, is it possible to invite other players (in private game) during "session in progress" (e.g. practice or quali)? I cannot find this possibility. I m able to invite from the lobby (or at the begining of the session by RT). Thanks

22-09-2017, 14:06
Try inviting the person off your friends list through the One Guide. Select their profile and then select invite to game. Be sure that their profile is not set to offline or the option will be greyed out.

22-09-2017, 14:23
Hey DeathMetalRacer. Thank for reply. This works when the session is public, during private session this option is unfortunately not available.

25-09-2017, 10:52
Is anybody met this problem? Any solution?