View Full Version : How to set supersampling?

22-09-2017, 12:42
Can I just use the in-game slider to supersample my Oculus Rift, or du I have to do the same thing in the Oculus Debug Tool and/or i SteamVR?

Morgan Henstridge
22-09-2017, 12:44
Just setting it in-game should work, you dont need to use the Oculus debug Tool.

22-09-2017, 12:45
Not SteamVR either?

Morgan Henstridge
22-09-2017, 12:48
No, I have never set it in Steam VR.

Project CARS 2 is using the Oculus runtime on Steam when you select to play in Oculus VR mode, so I don't think that does anything with Steam VR.