View Full Version : Multiple input devices are not supported

Ole W
22-09-2017, 14:12

Thank you for you time and commitment in creating this fantastic game.

In pCars1 I was able to use my Bluetooth keyboard together with my racing wheel when playing the game on my PS4. And i really liked havin all control options readily available. But in pCars2 I can't use my keyboard for this purpose.


I (and many others, I suspect) really need to be able to use extra an extra keyboard (or similar) while racing so could you please, please, please help me out?

Cheers All

Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 14:31
Currently it's not possible... But it's allready forwarded to the Developers... Maybe there will be a solution in Future..

Also please change your Platform in your Profile to PS4. thanks..

Ole W
22-09-2017, 14:37
I will change my game platform information asap. Thanks for the heads up. :-)