View Full Version : bugs after 4h of career play

22-09-2017, 14:28
So far, i've been playing for about 4 hours and i'm really disappointed by the outcome. Here are some examples:

- no cone of my headlights at the rear of the other cars (i also flick on the lights on day races)

- damaged cars after restarts (common bug)

- one of my 'favourites': i call it 'time bug': in qualifying i post a 'decent' lap, let's say 1:30:XX in lap 2 or 3 - first grid. I pause and skip to the end of the session and surprisingly end up last with the fastest driver at 1:25:XX. I restart and race 1:30:XX again. After waiting till the time has elapsed i'm first with the second driver at 1:31:XX. I post the exact same lap time but end up with completely different starting grids and the opponents seem to drive fast when i skip and slow when i race till the end. I mean, that's a 6 seconds difference! It seems as if the game wants to force you to really race the qualifying to the end instead of skipping. This already occured in pcars1. During the first 5 races in career (ginetta) this bug occured in 4 out of the 5 races!

- After finishing qualifying on P1 i start the race from last grid

Some other negative 'improvements':

- engine sounds like GT5

- weak G29 FFB

- got invited to silverstone national with mclaren in storm. unplayable! The skidding in the numerous puddles makes it impossible to brake, steer or accellerate