View Full Version : [Resolved] No Headtracking

22-09-2017, 15:11
My Trackhat worked perfectly in PC1 but does not work in PC2, turned on shared memory and tried both PC1 and PC2 settings and doesn't work with either

Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 15:13
You have to Start the Game in Steam VR Mode for Headtracking. Nothing to do with shared Memory...

Is Trackhat something like TrackIR?

22-09-2017, 15:22
Yeah steam vr, works fine with trackir

22-09-2017, 15:31
Thanks guys that did it, yeah trackhat uses the same protocols as TrackIR :D

22-09-2017, 23:54
I'm using OpenTrack and it works perfectly on pCars1 but I can not get it to work on pCars2.
yeah OPENTRACK uses the same protocols as TrackIR