View Full Version : Thrustmaster 458 Italia issues

22-09-2017, 16:31

im having trouble with setup of my wheel. Pedals and wheel works in setup menu, but when i start race and car is in box. Only pedals works, wheel doesnt react, idk why, Any advice, Thanks ...

22-09-2017, 17:11
Mine wont' recognise at all, wheel or pedals. It's fine in the Thrustmaster setup app though.

Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 17:13
Correctly assigned axis and buttons in the Options Menu?

Also you Need to know that you can't drive out of the Pits, when AI Drivers are in the near of you on the Pit-Lane... (You Need to wait for a free Spot to engage a Gear and drive out.)

22-09-2017, 17:56
I had to restart the game and start the quick race. For unknown reason the new setups are not working in "private setup". But after quick race everything works fine even in "private setup". Sadly the wheel has huge dead zone. I dont know why. Can I change it somehow? Im mean, not via game setup ...