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22-09-2017, 17:29

Beside the UDP missing PS4 (already reported in several threads like here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51520-External-Apps-and-UDP) , I also regret that buttonbox/keyboard is not working either. It was perfect with PC1. So many commands cant be mapped to a racing wheel.....
Hoping someone can raise this to DEVs as well, so the next patch has everything nedded to make PC2 even better.


Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 17:32
Allready raised to the Devs... We are waiting for an official Response...

22-09-2017, 17:35
I found it in the support section http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51516-No-Keyboard-support-on-PS4
Lets hope we get a quick official response to make evryone happy. I can understand UDP is a bit special, but keyboard is defenetly a must-have for PC2.
By the way, I'm on a PS4 PRO running 5 Beta 6, if it can help.
T300RS works fine for me. Good/Easy out-of-the-box settings. Well done !
Thanks for quick response BTW.

23-09-2017, 07:49
I agree. I can live without UDP especially now that the interface is improved. Good work on that one.

Keyboard support is a must have. We nerds need our immersion!

Don't make me have to buy fireproof overalls and put tear-offs for my visor.

23-09-2017, 08:08
I agree, UDP is hit and miss but keyboard and button box support is a must, was so gutted when I plugged it all in to find nothing worked, not enough buttons on the G29 to program everything I need. Was shocked it wasnít already included when it was such a demand for it in the first. Iím really hoping itís included in the first official patch as Iím struggling to commit to the game without it

11-10-2017, 20:06
Well done guys ! Not only you added UDP support (PC1 format and the new format) and keyboard/button-box but the graphics improved also a lot : tearing has almost fully diseappeared and I do not see framerate dropping.
Where can we get some info on the new UDP format ? The apps I made for PC1 work with PC2 as long as you choose the PC1 format, but I'm curious to know what the new format brings.

Cheers, and thanks for this longly awaited patch !

12-10-2017, 07:05
Hi! Could you suggest any button box or keyboard that isn’t too expensive (like a “starter model”)?
Thank you very much, update 2.0 is great!

12-10-2017, 07:55
Hi! Could you suggest any button box or keyboard that isnít too expensive (like a ďstarter modelĒ)?
Thank you very much, update 2.0 is great!

Look on eBay £40-£80 ish gets you a nice B/box or Argos for a £10 Bluetooth keyboard .....works just as good , just not as pretty , but has more buttons.
Bluetooth keyboard also doesn't use up a USB slot

12-10-2017, 21:31
In-dev plugin for XSim