View Full Version : Does it support Hyperthreading?

22-09-2017, 17:36

This benchmark article (http://wccftech.com/project-cars-2-benchmarked-nvidia-amd-intel-hardware/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter) gives me the impression that Pcars2 supports hyperthreading. Is this true?

22-09-2017, 18:51
I'm surprised my Core i7-860 is able to handle pCARS 2 well, despite the 2.8GHz base/2.93GHz turbo it has, and maybe it has to do with hyperthreading (simultaneous multi-threading). I was also wondering if that has to do with improved performance on pCARS 2 compared to pCARS 1 (article says pCARS 1 'was quite the CPU hog,' adding that it 'was reliant on single-threaded performance,' which may have to do with the struggle that I sometimes had with pCARS 1, as speed mattered more compared to number of cores).

I understand DX12 is here, but pCARS 2 is using DX11, but surely enough, pCARS 2 makes good use of multiple threads! :O

(Surprised the i7-2600K is better than the i3-6100. :O)

22-09-2017, 18:53
PC1 was heavily multithreaded too, but it is the OS that allocates those threads to the cores.