View Full Version : Some cars dont have the wheel centered on the Screen

22-09-2017, 17:55
i believe i only noticed this in right drive cars....the wheel doesnt match the middle of my screen, 2 examples are the porsche 962 and the Radical SR3... pardon me if the names are not 100% acurate doing this by memory :P

Siberian Tiger
22-09-2017, 17:56
That is because the Cars have in Real Life Off-Centered Seats...

And the Camera is right there where the Character is placed. (Eye Level)

Aldo Zampatti
22-09-2017, 18:24
Same in PC1. I use the control+k method to center it since my OCD wants to kill the engineer who designed the car.;-)

Basically control +k twice and WASD around