View Full Version : Please consider bringing back the temporal anti-aliasing slider for PS4

22-09-2017, 19:46
I'm not sure if it's even possible to do this, as the method of AA for pCARS2 might be completely different to that used on the first game, but nonetheless the sheer amount of flickering jaggies present on standard PS4 is quite something. It's far less effective than pCARS1 and as a result we have jaggies present across trackside details, and the painted white lines in particular. I just ran a race at Long Beach at night and it was, IMO an awful mess, even so far as to have a negative affect on the opponents' cars which were also flickering under the lights. This is probably an extreme example, but it's there across every track.

I know a lot of people complained about the ghosting that was present when pCARS1 first launched and soon after the temporal slider was introduced in a patch to allow players to set it as they saw fit, either smoother images with ghosting, or not. The preset at 20% was pretty much perfect, so I am asking if a similar technique can be used for pCARS2? I understand the amount of processing power required to eliminate jagged edges is immense, but the first game looks so much better in this regard, and it was really the first thing i noticed during my first race in the early hours of this morning. I'd personally be happy with some motion blur or slight ghosting if it means smoothing out the entire image.

I don't know what the AA is like on Xbox, but it's certainly a big distraction on PS4 for me. Thanks.