View Full Version : Issues with chat

Scott Coffey
22-09-2017, 19:47
1. While in the lobby, you have to click with the mouse into the chat box every time you type something.
2. There is no ability to chat except while on the track.

I really hated seeing cars parked all over the track in pcars1 just so people could talk to each other. Please give us the ability to chat while in the pit box.

16-12-2017, 00:11
I don’t like this chat : the newer messages appear on top, disappear, come back... it’s a mess.
In Pcars1 it was broken, in Pcars2 it’s hardly useable.

Scott Coffey
16-12-2017, 17:41
Yes, the order of chat messages appears to be random... sometime new on top and sometimes new on bottom.

A nice improvement would also be the ability to scroll the chat. Messages often quickly disappear, being overwritten by joining/leaving messages. In pcars1, the history of messages were preserved in the lobby screen, and you could scroll through the messages. It would be nice to have that back.