View Full Version : Damage bug with Karts

22-09-2017, 19:59
Found another minor annoyance guys.

It seems the game is reporting "Severe Damage" in every single Kart race as soon as the green flag drops. The Kart hasn't even left the line yet.

Looking at pCARS Dash, it is indicating a completely broken (100% damaged) left front brake. CLearly that shouldn't be an issue since the karts only have rear brakes (?)

Also, is it just me or are the Karts REALLY Fragile? The seem to lose wheels very easily at just the smallest of brushes, even with just a plastic cone.

Again, not a game breaker as I am almost out of my Kart career, but definitely a bit annoying.

I know there are probably bigger bugs to squash, but wanted to make sure this was documented for you as well.

Neglected to mention I am running with FULL Damage model

23-03-2018, 13:33
I just started a career and this bug is still there, any news on a fix? Although to be honest I don't plan on driving those karts ever again anyway lol