View Full Version : Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel (turning) not working during the Race

22-09-2017, 21:10
Hey guys, so i have the weirdest Problem:

During the race i can't turn with my DriveFX Wheel.

The Wheel is an old xbox360 wheel, so i added it as custom wheel, assigned everything and also did the calibration without any problem. i can use the "turning" to even navigate in the menu.

Then once i'm in the race i just cant turn. All the buttons work, the Force Feedback in the Wheel works, the Pedals work without any problem but i can't turn despite me having assigned everything.

Calibration also worked just fine.

Does anybody have an idea what i could do?

04-10-2017, 08:28
Hi all
I have the same issue with my DriveFX Wheel.
When i try to assigned and calibrate all the buttons everythings works perfectly, But when i start a race the car didn't turn...it's very strange issue..
Someone fixed this problem?

Best regards