View Full Version : T300RS wheel settings for drifting

22-09-2017, 22:46
I know it's early in the game, but does anyone have an idea of wheel settings so that I can keep the car sideways? Almost every rwd car just snap oversteers and it's nearly impossible to catch because the car will just snap the other direction (especially when you hit grass even the slightest)

Even the mad mike mx5 is just impossible to keep under control. Most of these powerful rwd cars just kick out the back end with full throttle in the lower gears when pointed straight. I have a 500whp rwd car in real life and it stays straight in 2nd gear.

Morgan Henstridge
22-09-2017, 22:51
Make sure you dont have Stability Control on in the settings.

Disable all driver aids to be sure and try again. Should have no problems drifting, specially in the RadBull.