View Full Version : PS4 T300 issues

22-09-2017, 23:03
Got the game downloaded. I'm using PS4 with Thrustmaster t300. I get to home screen and start the game. It says press x. X button works everywhere but here. Cannot get past home screen.

22-09-2017, 23:15
Seems like some people can this wheel to work and some can't. I can't believe I was duped into buying this game.

23-09-2017, 12:35
Being a T300 owner myself, please try these steps:

1. In the PS Menu before starting the game, make sure to turn off your DS4 controller if connected
2. Connect your T300 and press the Home button on the wheel to connect
3. Now you should be able to navigate through the PS Menu
4. Start the game by pressing the X button on your wheel

I guess its important to start the game with your wheel, this was already the case with Project Cars 1.

Let us know if this works.