View Full Version : Request: Weather API

23-09-2017, 00:04
PC2 vanilla weather is too extreme changing in random setting.
I don't know PC1 already have, but I really want to PC2 have weather API to control over vanilla weather system, for making random weather that changes more gradually.

If it's possible, someting like this:
- API callback from PC2 periodically
- PC2 pass these parameters via API

Track name
Track type
Longitude/Latitude (if possible)
In-game datetime
Season (for snowfall)

- Plugin/App returns these parameters via API

Air temperature
Wind speed/direction
Cloud amount
Rain/Snow fall amount

23-09-2017, 23:30
I found ScriptingGuide.pdf and ServerTypes.pdf.
But in description of those pdf, it seems that plugin can change weather type of each slot, but can't directly change weather details like RainDensity, TemperatureAmbient etc.