View Full Version : Fanatec csw v2 with drivehub faulty recognition

23-09-2017, 04:39
In the menu my wheel is recognized as a csl elite but as a brand it says Thrustmaster. Has anyone with a csl elite the same thing going on?

As all wheel rims from Fanatec work on the csl elite, why are the dial switch and funkyswitch not mappable? Is this a developing thing or are they not working on a csl elite as well?

23-09-2017, 08:15
I've got the CSL elite PS4 base and mine shows up as Thrustmaster too but then says CSR not CSL as I'm using the BMW rim.

23-09-2017, 23:16
Hi CPS-3, does the CSW v2 get recognised as a CSL Elite in all games? I ask as I was thinking of buying one but I read somewhere the wheel is emulated as a Logitech wheel and I wondered if that meant you lost any fidelity on the wheel or experienced any input lag?

23-09-2017, 23:40
Input lag: no
If both wheels are supported by the game You can choose yourself wether You want it tombe recognized as a G29 or CSLE. Just a matter of pressing 2 buttons for a couple of seconds to switch between the 2 modes.
For now i use the G29 mode aka Fanalogic because the ffb is terrible when my wheel is recognised as CSLE in pcars 2.
In F1 2017 i use the CSLE. When using CSLe mode the rim display shows the speed (F1) or gear (pcars2) which doesn’t work when you use Fanalogic